Customers with current FileMaker Server may chose to host Crate Pro  online. AWS is commonly used  or you may select any online hosting company that hosts FileMaker Server. 

FileMaker Server can be purchased from us at a discounted cost, however, Claris-FileMaker requires a minimum of 5 CAL ( or client computer licenses)  to be associated with a FileMaker Server configuration.  If your current CAL license count is less, you will need to increase your CAL count or check into purchasing FileMaker Server outside of Deploy Tech Services. All CAL do not need to be installed.

Licenses purchased through Deploy Tech Services are a perpetual license and do not require low cost annual maintenance, however many hosting services require you maintain the most current release with security updates. FileMaker Server licenses purchased outside of Deploy Tech Services are typically  annual and need to be re-purchased at full price each year to function.

Please view this solution article for AWS White papers, more pricing and setup information:



This company has assisted several of our customers with AWS installations:

Any costs associated with selecting to host online will be bourn by you.