Claris FileMaker 19 Security Guide: Best Practices for Configuring Security Options

Set up backups

It's important to back up custom apps to prevent data loss. If data in a file is destroyed, you can revert to the backup.

Backups in FileMaker Server

FileMaker Server offers several types of backups: automatic, on-demand, scheduled, and progressive.

FileMaker Server saves backups only to local disks. Use other tools to copy the local backups to provide offsite backups for disaster recovery. Be sure to specify a secure physical location for stored backups.

Important  FileMaker Server creates the directory structure for these backups. To work with a backup file, leave the original file unchanged in the backup folder. Never open the original backup file with FileMaker Pro, edit it, or move it out of the backup folder. Instead, copy the file and work exclusively with the copy.

See "Understanding backup options" in FileMaker Server Help.

Backups in FileMaker Cloud

FileMaker Cloud creates a full backup of a database after the database is uploaded.

See "Working with backups" in FileMaker Cloud Help.

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