About Styles

Interlocking cleats on plywood styles and on Medium-Duty and Heavy-Duty lumber styles are often identified by the offset cleating intersection across the top of the End and Side Panels.

Loadbearing cleats styles are often identified by the upper End and Side Panel Cleats running the full length of their respective panel.

Interlocking cleats on Light-Duty lumber styles is determined by the association between Side Panel top-to-base (batten) cleats and Top Panel front-to-aft (batten) cleats creating a 'Z' pattern. A Load Bearing style would have one less nest resulting in an 'L' pattern

A Base Out style is one in which either the lumber or plywood sheathing is or would be exposed on a horizontal plane This is regardless if the base is actually visible or not. Typically the base dimensions will equal the LOD and/or WOD In most instances, a Base Out style is clearly contrasted by a similar Base In style. Note that a style may be a Base Out style because a plywood sheathed base would be visible, however, the crate may be constructed with only a lumber sheathed base. In this instance, a Base Out design would appear to be a Base In design