When client computer loses connection to Host inside local network: If there haven’t been changes that you’re aware of to your network, the most common issue is that the Host computer (the one with the Crate Pro 6 files) has changed its IP address.

Most companies set their network routers to assign IP addresses using DHCP. This dynamically can change any local devices’ IP address as the router sees fit. FileMaker Pro creates a shortcut to your Crate Pro 6 files based on the IP address at the time you created the shortcut and is unable to change the IP address dynamically.  You will need to add a new shortcut each time the Host IP is changed.

We recommend that the Host computer be set a static IP address so it doesn’t change.


FileMaker 19 doesn’t have an edit option to modify the shortcut IP, so you’ll create a new one.


  1. Launch FileMaker Pro on host computer (not Crate Pro)
  2. Click on File > Sharing > Share with FileMaker clients and note the IP address 192.168.1.?
  3. Go to your computer (the client) and open FileMaker Pro (not Crate Pro). Hover over your current Crate Pro shortcut so you can confirm that the current IP address of the shortcut doesn’t match what is on the Host.  
  4. Right click on short cut then left click on ‘Remove’
  5. Click on Add App > From Hosts > click on + in upper section > then type in your new IP address.
  6. This will then add this Host IP and show the three Crate Pro files > click on Crate Pro 190737 (or current main file) to create a shortcut.

That should work each time but setting the Host with a static IP will probably be your best bet.