Microsoft OneDrive may be set up to 'hold' all your Crate Pro 6 files. So this means Crate Pro 6 is being run from a cloud storage application. 

When you attempt to open Crate Pro 6, after installing, FileMaker Pro closes immediatly. This is a conflict between FileMaker Pro installed on the computer and the Crate Pro 6 files installed on the OneDrive cloud. This can cause corruption.

Customer running in peer-to-peer or stand-alone configuration should save the Crate Pro 6 files directly on the Host computer for installation. When your Crate Pro 6 files are open/running on the Host computer, all sync apps should exclude your three Crate Pro 6 files,  or  set your sync time to times when the files are closed.

If you have another service to sync files - it's always better to disable one of them to avoid conflicts.

Is it okay to disable Microsoft OneDrive?
Turning off OneDrive's automatic synchronization and auto-start means that you can decide which files are synchronized and when. If you would like to use a different cloud storage service to synchronize your data, it makes sense to disable Microsoft's OneDrive.Aug 16, 2023

Yes, you can set OneDrive to sync at a specific time. Here's how: 
  1. Go to the Windows menu and run the Task Scheduler tool
  2. Select the Action tab on the taskbar
  3. Click Create Task in the pop-up menu
  4. Under General, set up your scheduled task
  5. Go to Triggers > New
  6. Select the sync frequency or set a specific time to sync OneDrive
  7. Return to the Create Task window and confirm the OneDrive schedule sync settings
  8. Click OK to confirm
You can also set up automatic sync of Windows PC with OneDrive by clicking Settings > Scheduler in the lower-left corner