Assembly times in your designs are calculated primarily by your fastener times. Set your times based on the equipment you use for installation. An example would be if you use a nail gun versus a hammer. First click on the item ID to bring up that items information. Then review the current values for modification.

Open the website Calculate Me/time. Set the two options to minutes and seconds. If you’re able to set a split screen between Calculate.Me and Crate Pro 6, you can modify your times quickly.

When the value from Crate Pro 6  is entered in Calculate Me, you can see the time conversion. Is this accurate for your shop? Too high? Too low?

To change it, click on Swap Units and enter the value that’s more accurate for your shop. Choose Calculate and that result is what you can enter into your Crate Pro 6 field.

Review one more fastener, a lag bolt. There is a prep time and an install time. Prep time would be predrilling the hole and then there’s an  install time. Switch the units minutes to seconds. Enter one of the values from Crate Pro.

A value of .75 of a minute equals  45 seconds . Is this accurate for your shop? If not, switch the values in calculate me and enter the actual number of seconds to pre drill a hole. Repeat these steps for all active fasteners. You’re also able to use this same site for all your material times.