> Customers running in the Client-Server configuration that wish to update to FileMaker Server 2023 now - the clients need to be updated to 19.first

> Updating the clients, in-version, is fast and easy with minimal disruption to your working day. Each client should take less than 10 minutes to update

>Per a previous notification, you may install FileMaker Pro 20 as a new installation in preparation for the Crate Pro update, but do not uninstall FileMaker Pro 19 as it's required to open your current Crate Pro 6 files. If when updating FIleMaker Pro 19, you see the update is for FileMaker Pro 20 instead of 19.6, use the link provided below to download FMP 19.6

> The new Crate Pro r190842, when released, will run on FileMaker Pro 19.and FileMaker Pro 2023. It will not run on lower versions of FileMaker Pro 19. Updating your clients to 19.will allow you the leisure to update your clients to FileMaker Pro 2023 at your convenience. 

NOTE! If you do not have active maintenance, please ensure that you do not update the clients to FileMaker Pro 20. If you previously installed it, you may uninstall it. Active maintenance is required to receive the Crate Pro updates and your current Crate Pro 6 release will not be compatible with FileMaker Pro 20.

 Confirm eligibility by opening Crate Pro 6 > Preferences > Licensing > Overview tab


Claris-FIleMaker Installation Guide

If you're having any issues updating per the instructions - here is a link to update in version to FileMaker Pro 19.6

FileMaker Pro 19.6 Update for Windows and Mac/OS - Ubuntu users contact Support@CratePro.com Link valid until March 15 - 2024