Crate Pro 5 Peer-to-Peer Installation (Shared PC/Host)

This version is no longer supported. You must have all software and your activation keys.

Please use these ‘At A Glance’ instructions to bullet point your installation of Crate Pro 5. Due to updates in the software and licensing restrictions, the installation has changed slightly. More detailed information is included in the Installation Guide (use Shared Host/PC version). Crate Pro 5 in the peer-to-peer configuration is no longer available for purchase.

Installing Crate Pro 5 in the Peer-to-Peer configuration required the use of FileMaker Pro 6 software. A FileMaker Pro 6 license and software was included with your Crate Pro 5 purchase if you selected the Multi-User or Peer-to-Peer license with your initial purchase. You are not able to take a Stand-Alone or Single User Crate Pro file and change it to multi-user. The two platforms use different file structures.

One of the errors made most often while installing Crate Pro is confusing Crate Pro and FileMaker Pro.

When the instructions refer to host it means the PC where your Crate Pro data files will be installed. All other PCs (clients) will connect to the host PC after the Crate Pro server installation and activation is complete.

Your FileMaker Pro 6 license keys were sent to you via email with your initial purchase. Each computer that will host or connect to your host requires FileMaker Pro 6 to be installed. You may install FileMaker Pro 6 on the number of computers you purchased licenses for. You will also need your ZIP file containing your FileMaker Pro and Crate Pro files. If you require these files there is an administrative fee we are required to charge.

Be sure to check the technical specifications of the computers you wish to install Crate Pro 5 on.

Your Crate Pro 5 Activation key is part of the installation process and will require that you send us a file for Activation after the installation is complete. More detailed instruction are included in the Activating Crate Pro document. You are no longer able to send in a fax request.

  1. Put the ZIP files on your desktop. For re-installations you may want to save a copy of these ZIP files in a backup location. If there is an update file attached save that as well.
  2. Unzip Filemaker Pro 6 and double click on setup.exe. Please install FileMaker Pro 6 on all your PC’s that will run Crate Pro 5. We strongly recommend that you allow the application to install in the default directories or the Add-In files will need to be moved after installation to the changed directories.
  3. On the PC that will host the database or maintain all your Crate Pro 5 unzip and install Install_CratePro5.378 Server.exe. It may not appear that the software installed but once your desktop appears you can go to the next step.
  4. STOP: Please do NOT install Install_CratePro5.378 Client.exe until you’ve gotten to step 11.
  5. Start Filemaker Pro 6 from the icon on your desktop. You can cancel the pop up window. The main screen will appear gray. Click on File > Open which is located on the top menu bar. The Crate Pro folder that shows up in the Open File window is not the launcher file. Depending on your operating system you can scroll to the correct file in the new window by clicking on the drop down and locating the Crate Pro.fp5 at:

C://Program Files (x86)/Filemaker/Filemaker Server 5.5/Crate Pro/Crate Pro.fp5 (open or double-click on the Crate Pro.fp5 file)

  1. Crate Pro 5 will start the final installation. Go through the Crate Pro introduction. Enter your company contact information and continue through the full introduction until you can see the module squares on the left side of the program. The modules will be: Designs, Jobs, Diagrams, Inventory, Users, Contact & Setup. To double check yourself, you should be able to click on the Set-up module on the left and see a Client ID number on the bottom of the Crate Pro 5 screen.
  2. Close Crate Pro 5 on your host and email your the CPSetup.fp5 file CPSetup.fp5 file is located in the same Program Files directory shown in step 5. Access it through Windows Explorer. Right Click on Start button then left click on Explore or in Windows 7 click on the Libraries Icon)
  3. We’ll apply your Crate Pro license activation data to the file then email it back to you within one business day. Copy-and-paste or save the returned CPSetup.fp5 file back into the original folder overwriting the existing file. Do not make changes in the Set-up module until you receive your returned file or the returned file will over-write what information you entered




  1. While you’re waiting for your activation file to be returned unzip the Updates file. Copy/paste all the files into your Crate Pro 5 directory folder (same path as in step 5).
    1. Crate Pro 5 must be closed whenever you copy/paste files in or out of this folder. Reminder: A Crate Pro folder is created in your My Documents folder but this is simply a location that optional advertising and customer letters can be saved. It doesn’t contain any program files.
  2. You may restart Crate Pro 5 if it was closed and update your inventory pricing, add materials, add customers and set up users while you’re waiting for your activated file, but any changes in the SetUp module will be over-written.
  3. As soon as you’ve received and pasted the CPSetup.fp5 file back in the Crate Pro folder, you may install Install_CratePro 5.378CLIENT.exe onto your client PCs up to the number of licenses you purchased. Your host PC counts as one license. Crate Pro 5 should be running on your host PC when you install the client software by opening Filemaker Pro 6 then clicking on File> Open. You can create a launcher file, instructions are in the full manual.


  • When opening Crate Pro 5 from the host PC, you will open Filemaker Pro 6 then click on File -> Open
  • When opening Crate Pro 5 from a client PC, you will open Filemaker Pro 6 then click on File -> Open Remote…
  • You will start Crate Pro 5 by selecting the Crate Pro.fp5 file. Do not select a .exe file and DO NOT create a shortcut from a Client to open Crate Pro 5 on the host or you may destroy your database or lock out users. Please review the manual for instructions to create a launcher file on the Clients.



When you start Filemaker Pro 5 on your host/server PC you should automatically see the host files. If your security is set so that you closed ports that Filemaker uses, you will need to log into your intranet router (if used) and/or PC’s and open those ports.  Also, your PC’s must be on the same subnet. Port 5003 and 5113 must be open and accessible to FileMaker applications.