Print the HINTS for fast set up and reference.

HINT #1 Crate Style Selection. Crate Pro 5 comes pre-filled with hundreds of modifiable crate and pallet construction styles. A style is based on how that crate is constructed, such as 'does it use load bearing or interlocking cleats?'. The crate style is not the actual materials used to build your crate. By limiting or selecting the styles your company most commonly builds as your preferred styles, you reduce the time required to quote and design your crates.

HINT #2  Inventory. Crate Pro 5 comes pre-filled with hundred of commonly used materials to build crates. These are called Inventory items. Inventory items are not 'on hand' items but the materials, components and services you use for your crate jobs. Crate Pro 5 allows you to modify, add or delete items in the Inventory. Materials are either 'Active' or 'Inactive'. 'Active' materials are available to be used in your crate designs. 'Inactive' materials will not be available for use.

HINT #3 How To.. & Basic Instructions. The custom crating industry worldwide uses many different terms to describe the same items or practices. In a global market this can cause confusion. There are organizations that have worked on solidifying the terminology but it will take a long time to change what's common usage. The Diagrams module provides a resource to the accepted terminolgy and includes information as to how Crate Pro uses the preferences you select to design your crates.

HINT #4 Icons. To navigate rapidly through Crate Pro there are common icons at the top of each module. Print this sheet to qiuckly be able to identify what an icon is for.

HINT #5 Resizing a crate & 'What are those red lights?' When you design a crate by Content Dimensions or swap out a material that effect the dimensions of the materials around it, Crate Pro 5 will give you indicators on the tabs that are effected. 

HINT #6 Adding a Custom Style. Crate Pro 5 gives you the flexibility to make changes to almost every part of a style and save it as a template.

HINT #7 Setting YOUR companies default materials. Crate Pro 5 includes two 'Material Groups' for each style category of crates. Material Groups allow you to tell Crate Pro with one click what materials you want it to use when designing certain crate styles. By setting your companies default options you're able to much more quickly complete your designs with a minimum of changes.