Crate Pro 6 encompasses two or more database files that are opened using FileMaker database software. 

The Crate Pro 6 files must be placed together on your Host computer (peer-to-peer & stand-alone) or Server computer (client-server).  Depending on your license purchase you will install one of the following applications on the same computer as the Crate Pro files. 

  • FileMaker Pro [FileMaker 16 and earlier]
  • FileMaker Pro-Advanced (FileMaker 18 and later) 
  • FileMaker Server (client-server)

To help you decide where to install your Crate Pro database files, please review the following information:

The Crate Pro files should not be installed without FileMaker software on the same computer. The can not be installed on a shared drive without FileMaker.

The Client-Server configuration has a default database folder Crate Pro will be installed in. This is preferred to ensure all the features and benefits of using FIleMaker Server are available.

Companies installing Peer-to-Peer or Stand-Alone should create two folders for all Crate Pro 6 files and save this folder directly under the C:// drive for WIndows users or in the Applications folder on MAC. 

We recommend that you create a folder for your production files and name it "Crate Pro Working".  Your second folder named " Crate Pro Backup". Save ALL files and license keys into Crate Pro Backup for easy location when installing and updating. As part of your installation you'll move the correct files into 'Crate Pro Working'

Your Crate Pro database files cannot get a virus like other software can. While the Crate Pro production database files when running FileMaker Server are located within the FileMaker Server directory, the following still applies:

There are some things that you absolutely should be aware of when running a database such as Crate Pro:

DO NOT let your antivirus software scan the "Working" database folder

DO NOT let any backup or mirroring software touch your "Working" database folder

DO NOT let any hard drive defragmentation software touch your "Working" database folder

DO NOT run the "Working" databases from a cloud drive or folder such as Dropbox.

DO NOT create a 'share' from another location to the live databases. Only use FileMaker network connection (FileMaker Article) Creating a share or network shortcut will damage your files. 

DO NOT reboot or shut down your Host computer without first closing Crate Pro. 

DO NOT install your Crate Pro files on a removable drive.

DO NOT install your Crate Pro files on a drive without either FileMaker Pro (peer-to-peer) or FileMaker Server (client-server)

DO have your backup software to create an off site backup of your "Crate Pro Backup" folder 

Installation Locations:

  • If possible, Peer-to-Peer and Stand-Alone configurations should install your Crate Pro 6 database files on a separate partition and on the same computer that you have installed FileMaker Pro / FileMaker Pro Advanced. In this configuration, FMP  or FMPA is the host software and will use the same O/S resources. This will make it easier to exclude the Crate Pro database files from your utility software.
  • Customers using FileMaker Server will install their Crate Pro database files in the database folder as specifically specified in the server installation. 
  • Your drive should have a permanent connection and not be a removable drive which allows it to use the primary resources of the computer.
  • Don't place them in your My Documents  or Desktop folder. A separate drive or partition makes it easier to not accidentally activate new antivirus software which can interfere with the database's ability to accurately write data. These types of software have an option to exclude a specific file, folder, or file extension, (the extension of the Crate Pro database files is  .fmp12). 
  • Be sure to exclude your Crate Pro database files from within each utility that you use.  Within your backup and virus scanning program exclude the following files and folders:




An average partition size for your Crate Pro 6 files would be between 10-15 Gb. However if the users will be saving graphics files or attachments you'll need to account for that based on the expected number and size of the additional files.  Graphic and other files are considerably larger than plain text so inserting a graphic file or other attachment will make the Crate Pro database much larger over time. Crate Pro 6 allows users with active maintenance to download and store SketchUp 3D image files which can be 2-5GB each within the program.



Crate Pro is a business tool. How often you back up Crate Pro should be decided by your company policy and by how much data you can afford to lose should a failure occur between backups. 

Automated backups can be set within the FileMaker Server Admin Console for server users. Backups are manual for peer-to-peer and stand-alone configurations.


Client-Server: FileMaker Server includes an excellent backup routine designed specifically for FileMaker applications which can be automated. This is set up in the FileMaker Servers Admin Console. Only FileMaker Server should be set to directly backup your live database. You can direct FileMaker Server to a backup location and based on your company policy, you may opt to use your 3rd party backup software to backup the backups.

Stand Alone & Peer-to-Peer : Crate Pro 6 is being hosted from a computer using FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Pro-Advanced. From the Preferences > Backups tab in Crate Pro 6, you can set it so when specific users close Crate Pro 6 after a specific time, they will be provided and opportunity to backup Crate Pro. Users will  select the "Crate Pro Backup" folder or another pre-designated location. 

Backups using FileMaker Pro are not automated and only occur when Crate Pro is closed on the Host computer. 

Do not allow 3rd party backup software to backup your "working" databases or you'll run the risk of corruption but DO use your backup software to make backups of the backup you create when closing Crate Pro.