This is a general document that contains links to the update and installation solution articles.

Understanding FileMaker Pro and your Crate Pro Database:

The Crate Pro database files run inside the FileMaker Pro program. This is similar to using a spreadsheet file in Excel© or Numbers. You can add formulas to a spreadsheet, then enter data and the formulas will calculate results. In this regard, your Crate Pro database is similar to a very complex spreadsheet.

You will install FileMaker Pro on your computer(s) up to the number of CAL licenses purchased. The Crate Pro database files are installed on only one computer that has an installation of FileMaker Pro (stand-alone and peer-to-peer) or on a computer with FileMaker Server (client-server)


Section A:  License configuration options:

Most often Peer-to-peer and Stand-Alone documents are combined

  • Stand Alone – Crate Pro is installed and accessed from a single computer. You have a single CAL and DAL license purchased. All users must log into Crate Pro 6 at that computer and do not connect over a LAN, WAN or VPN (remote desktop not recommended)
  • Peer-to-Peer - The Crate Pro databases reside on one computer with FileMaker Pro is installed. This computer is called the ‘Host' and can be used as a client / user computer as well as it will be a Host for the Crate Pro files. All other computers, up to the total number of CAL licenses purchased, are "clients".  Only FileMaker Pro is installed on the additional clients.  Clients connect to the Host via your LAN, a WAN, or VPN. 

  • Client-Serve- The Crate Pro databases reside on a computer with FileMaker Server software. This configuration has a number of benefits such as greater file security, faster processing time, the ability to host multiple databases should you have multiple locations with unique customers, pricing, materials, etc.. FM Server also allows for automated backups, auto restart after a reboot, and remote control for administrators. 
    •  FileMaker Server is required for RDS , RDP, Citrix installations and online hosting
    • FileMaker Server is required for 6+ clients and is optional for 5 clients. FileMaker Server is not available for less than 5 clients.

Using a Remote Desktop Connection

Hosting Crate Pro 6 on AWS EC2 with FileMaker Server (online hosting)  

Section B:  Technical Requirements: FileMaker software is installed on all unique computers that access or host Crate Pro.

Currently we are on FileMaker 19 Pro and FileMaker Server 19 (client-server)

We are preparing to update to FileMaker 2023 

FileMaker 19 Technical Specifications

FileMaker 2023 Technical Specifications

Claris-FileMaker continually updates to maintain compatibility with new operating systems. Often and in-version update will be released for compatibility. When checking O/S compatibility, you can contact us if not sure of your O/S version.

Older versions of FileMaker Server and Pro system requirements can be accessed here: Click Here

Section C: What documents do you need?

New installations: Locate the FileMaker versions you will be installing to select the correct documentation

Update: If you currently have Crate Pro 6 installed.  All update documents will begin with the word 'Update'

  • The update documents are sub-divided for client-server documentation versus peer-to-peer/stand-alone documentation. 

Upgrade: Generally only applies to FileMaker Server updates. The document will begin with the word 'Upgrade' and will specify which server version to which server version

Active Release Documents Click Here

Deprecated Release Documents Click Here

Online Live Session Support:

We use the Join.Me application (owned by Log Me In) for the live support sessions. To be able to share your screen, you will have to either download a temporary install every time you start a screen share, or you can install the desktop app. This will allow you quickly open the meeting and share your screen. You do NOT need a paid account to join scheduled support sessions, however, you will need to create a free account for fast connection. 

You can get the desktop app for either a PC or Mac.  

The Calendar allows you to schedule your online support: You can bookmark the solution article or locate it on the support portal > FAQ's > Support Options

!! Data migration to a new release is limited to two previous releases. Please update when  available to avoid fees for migration assistance or the lose of the ability to migrate. We send notices of new releases and versions via our newsletters so ensure you have at least one person with an active support portal account.