Setting your Material mark-ups for use in the Design and on a Project

Two important considerations prior to creating designs or adding inventory to a project.

The Item ID can NOT be changed once that item has been used in a design or project. Consider carefully your naming convention when changing the existing name or adding a new item. 

The Tracking Level should not be changed once the item is used but it can be if you are aware of other values that must be checked.

The Tracking Level allows you to enter the unit of measure you purchase the product. Crate Pro uses the default in Level A so don't change the Unit of Measure in that field. If you purchase an item using a different unit of measure (example: You might buy your nails by the box or carton or barrel) you can enter that unit of measure in any of the other levels. (Either set up another session or review the videos to explain further)

There are some limits to changing the Tracking Level unit of measure such the only options for Lumber is either by 'linear foot' or by 'board foot'. For Lumber I suggest leaving the tracking to Board Foot (level B) because this will allow Crate Pro to enter the BF usage on the ISPM report 

  • If you change it make sure that the 'Unit of Measure' for that Tracking Level is set to '1'
  • Then check that the Cost and Weight value is accurate for the new tracking level. Its not automatic
  • Designs that used the old tracking level should now indicate in the DETAILS tab that there is a change. The tab text will be red.
  • You have to unlock /lock to update the design. So far in my tests it updates correctly. There is also a bulk lock/unlock but I haven't tested it to ensure it will update the costs.