Q: How do I limit the list of styles that my users see when they create a new style to the ones I want used? 

A: The Gallery of Styles  includes images to see and get more information on the variances between crate styles. To understand Crate Pro's naming convention will greatly assist users when deciding what styles are preferred by your company. In Crate Pro go to Preferences -> Styles -> About Style Letters and Numbers for an explanation of the naming convention.


1> Go to Preferences -> Styles and either the Crate Styles or Crate Styles with Options tab.

2> To the left of the style name you have the option to check a box indicating if the style is Preferred. You may wish to un-check some that are already checked if they're not also preferred

3>You may rename ANY of the Style Descriptions by clicking in the description field. Many companies find this beneficial to identifying a style quickly or giving it a unique name, such as a stock number, to quickly identify that style.

4>Go to the Crate Styles with Options tab and for any style, but definitely your preferred styles, check what the most common base configuration you would use. Remember that you can make any change when you create the style but this will reduce the steps for users.

5>Click on Preferences -> Settings and the first option " When creating a new design navigate to ??" Make sure the drop down is changed to 'Preferred'.

When users click on NEW for a new design, they will be in the Preferred tab that shows the styles you selected. They can always click on any of the other tabs to get to the full list. You can make any pallet styles preferred as well.