Floater Deck is designed to have the content "float" above the base. Often used with electronic sensitive content or items that need more protection against vibration. The floating base of these crates is designed to absorb the shock that freight receives when being transported. 

Either 'risers' or ' rails' are used to help secure content.

Crate Pro is able to auto-calculate floater decks which are based on the content dimensions. When creating a new design that will have a floater deck, before calculating the design, enter the content dimensions in the "More Dimensions" tab. (image 1a)

The estimated 'Clear Area' allows the user to 'move' the deck position to account for protrusions on the content.

(image 1) Exploded view of a floater deck with risers. Risers are used most often to secure content with wheels.

(Image 2) An assembled floater deck

Crate Pro 6 allows users to pre-set the materials to be used when auto-creating a floater deck. This is preferred if floater decks are commonly used and/or if you want to ensure that staff use the companies preferred materials when building floater decks. In the design, users can change , add or remove any default material as needed.

(image 3) Highlighted are the floater deck default settings for the company shown. The lower settings allow more control over the defaults.

Apply Floater Deck - if this is checked, when a user selects when creating the design,  to add a floater deck - the materials will automatically be applied in the design. If the box is not checked in Preferences - the user will not have any wood materials automatically applied until they select to 'Autobuild' the floater deck after the design has been calculated. 

Apply Risers - If this box is checked then risers will be automatically calculated instead of rails. Otherwise, rails will be the default. Both are not applied automatically. Users can add them in the design.

Apply Foam Lining - Foam (padding) can be applied based on the 'content size' or the 'inside dimensions' of the crate. Padding is only applied here based on the cap panels. 

(image 4) Floater Deck shown with rails - exploded view