Q: I want to use a different fastener on my upper deck versus lower deck on my pallets.

A: The default fastener comes from Preferences -> Construction -> Pallets -> Rules.

A Feature Request has been added for a 2nd field for a secondary fastener for Upper Deckboards or Lower Deckboards.If field exists in your Crate Pro 6 version then the feature was added. This feature may only be available for companies using FIleMaker 13 and newer.

The value which determines the quantity of fasteners per junction can be changed in the design; Fasteners -> 'Auto' field. When changed it will recalculate the total to be used or you can enter a flat amount in the 'Adjust' field.

The entered values are pre-determined from the standards set for junctions which is based on the number of junctions and the materials used. To see an image of the junction/ material equation    Fastener Information - Image 1/2 way down article

  • To account for a different fastener in either the Upper Surface or Lower Surface (doesn't matter which):
    • Change the calculated value to '0' next to the fastener you want to change. You should see a new value in the total 'Total Per Pallet' field.
    • Next to that field is a 'box' for notes, click on the box and enter "Upper Deck" or "Lower Deck" so on the cut sheet the fastener is defined as to where it will be used. (At this time you can't enter a negative number in the 2nd Adjust field next to the 'Total Per Pallet' calculation - that's fixed for the next update)
  • Note the new quantity of total fasteners should have been reduced by the fastener fields you changed to zero. 
  • In Packing -> Other use the dropdown to select the Fastener category and in the Item ID field select your second fastener . Enter the quantity you want to use and in the Notes file delete anything that might be in that field and add your own note like 'Upper Deck' or 'Lower Deck'. If the upper and lower board material are the same then you can just enter the quantity that was removed from the 'Total Fastener' calculation
    • (The automatic note that appears is coming from the specific material in Inventory. You may want to delete the text description in Inventory)

Use Packing -> Other for any other fastener or material, such as mending plates, that don't have their own field or is an add-on. Items added to Packing -> Other will apply costs and install time.

If you find Assembly time too high always look at the install times for the fasteners you're using.