Q: Why are fasteners being applied when I select KD for my Closure Condition (Knock-Down)? 

A: A certain number of fasteners are calculated for the attachment of the cleating materials to the panels. Also, when KD is selected its still assumed that the panels will be connected and you will want to account for the material. So the calculated quantity of fasteners is included even if you toss them in a baggie and send them off with the panels.

Assembly Fasteners are used to connect all panels as indicated by the Closure Condition. Closure Fasteners are used for the panels not immediately assembled as indicated by the Closure Condition.

Example: Closure Fasteners would be calculated for the top panel if you select TO as your closure condition (Top Off). The other panels would use the Assembly fasteners.

If you don't want to include fasteners you have multiple options:

1) When you are creating the design click in the Closure Fastener field, then click on delete on your keyboard. This will delete material in that field so when you create the design no material will be accounted for in that field.

2) In the design itself after its been created you can delete any applied fastener by clicking on the red X next to the Fastener you want removed. In the Fastener tab.

3) You can create a 'Placeholder'. 

Most of the dimension fields in Crate Pro 6 are calculated based on other components dimensions. This is what makes Crate Pro 6 so powerful in that you can change out a material and replace it with a different size material and Crate Pro 6 will allow you one click recalculate all the affected materials. If you delete a material which affects the dimensions of other materials, you may not get the end results you expect. By using a placeholder for the deleted material, Crate Pro will assume the dimensions of the deleted material as though it still exists as it affects other materials, but it will not be accounted for in pricing, times or appear on cut sheets.

Most fasteners do not generally affect other material dimensions but we are working on a feature that by using a placeholder fastener, the material, prices won't be applied but if there is any Fastener Prep Time, it will be applied. Install time will not be applied. Example: You are sending out a crate KD (knock-down) where the customer will be assembling the panels using lag bolts. Your shop may have a policy to pre-drill the bolt holes (fastener prep time) before sending the crate to the customer. By selecting the placeholder, the prep time will be applied only. (This feature is not currently in Crate Pro 6)

  • In Inventory for a fastener, check the Placeholder checkbox near the Active checkbox.
  • This will create the material an under-bar. You'll see the placeholder material added into dropdown list  of fasteners in the design and as an available material in the Preferences ->Construction tabs.
  • Select the placeholder material in place of the actual material.