Users can set their preferred window size for viewing.

In releases 1712nn to 1807nn the screen viewing size must be set when the User account is created. If you chose to change the Zoom after the account has been changed please view this article: Zoom Levels

In release 20nnnn and newer the window viewing size can be changed as desired from the Home module without logging out.

To set the Users default setting when they log in:

  • Create a new User account in the Users module. The View setting can be found in the User module and is set by each User account. In the User module set your Zoom level ¬†which is located near the top next to the User name, and when you log in as that User the screen will be adjusted based on your preferred setting.
  • When the new user logs in for the first time they will set their own password and the window will open to the pre-set Zoom level.

Users on release 1712nn to 1807nn can temporarily change their Zoom for that window by clicking on Zoom on the upper menu bar located at the top of the Window.

Users on release 1912nn can go into the User module > click on the magnifying glass next to the user account they want to change > and set a new Zoom level. For the change to take effect they need to log out and log back in.From the Home screen users can change their default Zoom without the need to log out / in.

If Crate Pro 6 appears cut-off when you change the Zoom level, click on any module that's not the one you're currently in and the program will adjust.