There are a couple recommendations to assist you in locating customers quickly:

>At the top of the Customer module between the Find and the Import/Export buttons there is a white box. The default in the box is 'Form' which means you're in form view. Click in that box and change it to 'Phone & Email list'. This will give you an easy to scroll list view.Click on the magnifying glass to jump to that customer

>In the Customer module click on the Find button at the top of the page. You only need to enter part of the customers name you're looking for to continue the find.There are several other fields that you're able to enter data in such as part of the address or customer number which can help you quickly locate your customer.

>From Projects module: From any project that is associated with that customer to the right of the customer name is a magnifying glass which will jump to the customer record

> From the Designs module: From any design that you entered the customer name, click on the magnifying glass to the right of the customer name which will jump you to the customer record

>From the Home module: This is based on a user that has permissions to view the Find screens. On the right of the screen are New and FInd fields that allow you to sort by particular criteria.If the default criteria in the drop down doesn't meet your needs then you may click on the magnifying glass which will take you to the correct Find window where you can enter any data particular to that customer.

NOTE: If you enter data that match multiple customers , Crate Pro 6 will give you a list to select from.