When you mark a design in the Design module as a Template you have several options on how to use the template:

1>If you do NOT add a Customer name when you convert the design to a template, you will click on NEW in the design module as though you were creating a new design and then the 'Templates' button at the top of the screen. This will show all template designs not associated with a customer. When you select the template you want, Crate Pro 6 will open it with a new design number. You may now unlock it to make changes or have Crate Pro 6 update your material pricing. This will preserve any special modifications you made to the template and the pricing and labor settings will be updated if changes have been made in Inventory.

If you have templates that are associated with a specific customer when you click on NEW design and the Template option, chose the customer from the drop-down and you'll see all templates created for that customer.

2> If you entered a Customer name then you may also go to the Customer module -> Design Templates tab. 
>>>Once you select the customer specific template you want to use click on the magnifying glass next to it and the template will be brought up. 
>>>Click on Dup at the top of the screen to duplicate the template. Crate Pro will give you the option to duplicate this design with one crate or use the original number of crates that was entered for that template.
>>>A new duplicate template will be created with updated pricing and times which you will need to uncheck the template checkbox (you will not need to do this step in an update).

Templates can not be added directly to a Project. This protects the template and any special modifications you may have made.