In the Inventory module - Lumber - The text color indicator is to assist you with your ISPM15 reporting. 


In the Inventory -> Lumber category you have the option to select if an item is 'Eradicated'. If you add a new item and check the box for Eradicated the text will turn red until you enter an Identifier (what you would use to track that material for ISPM purposes) . If you hover over the item in the Item ID list you'll get a pop up message letting you know to add your ISPM identifying information. This is done in the ISPM 15 tab (see Click Here)

Lumber Item

On the ISPM15 tab to help you can quickly locate the items that are marked as Eradicated that need Identifiers entered. You may have up to three different identifiers at a time for each Item. Once you enter one or more identifiers,  select the current identifier being used. The item ID will change to black. OR if the product does not need to be tracked for ISMP15 select the 'Do Not Track'


Your Foreman and Sawyer's Home Screen Dashboard has the ISPM identifier screen which allows these staff members to change the identifier currently being used on the floor. The point in your crating process that you consider eradicated materials as being consumed is set by the administrator in Preferences - Settings.