Q: How do I Change Material Names?

Q: If I don’t like the predefined Item ID “3/8 CDX” name but would rather like to use “3/8 CSP” I seem to be not allowed to change this ID name.
What to do if I want to change it but use the correct pre-settings for this material?

A: You can change a material name as long as you haven't already used it in a design or added it to a Project. If you have used it already you will either need to delete the designs the material has been used in and remove it from any Projects or click on NEW on the top left of screen and add a new material with the name you want. You can copy the settings for the material most closely matching your new material. 

Instead of deleting a material you may not use, make the old material Inactive by un-checking the Active box in the item screen. This will allow you to retain the information should you ever use that material (which can be helpful if you want to see weights or dimensions for a similar material) but by making it Inactive it will not appear as a selection in the design module should a user change a default material.

IMPORTANT: Do not make a material Inactive if its being used as a default selection in your Preferences -> Construction tabs until you've swapped it out with an active material.