Q: Style LMN-101 & LMN-201 will not allow me to enter an ID greater than 7.25 (on affordable) or 5.5 (on durables.)  We need to be able to enter ID’s up to 11.25 to utilize 1x12 or 2x12 walls on either affordable or durable.    I found that you can over-ride this by changing the materials in ends and sides, then going back up to the ID height , re-enter the height, then run rules.  

A: Some styles are ‘one-high’ styles. The maximum ID is based on the width of the Side and End lumber. The ID cannot exceed the width of one board. If desired, a different style should be selected. One high styles are easily identified by the graphic.

Crate Pro 6 will use the materials for the end and side panels based on the Material Group you selected when you created the design. You may want to create a Material Group in the Preference module that uses the wider board as a default material. Then when a one board high style is selected, as long as the height dimension is not greater than the material, it can be used without Crate Pro reducing the height of the crate.