In designs, the MORE tab provides users the ability to add additional support components.

Applies to any release 1907nn.

Collars on crates are placed outside of the TOP panel to provide stability for stacking equal size crates. Crate Pro 6 will auto calculate based on the outside dimension. This is different than pallet 'collars' where the collar sits on the upper deck.  [see Retainers below for deck boards]

  • "Add to Height" - based on the degree of overlap of the collar boards on the crate,  enter a value in inches [millimeters] that the collar protrudes above the crate top.

Gussets are typically plywood pieces used to cover lumber junctions: In Crate Pro 6, the gusset common placement location is designated as a shape:  [image 2]

L = corners

I = edges

X = center panels

Users can create their own designations for gusset material in Inventory > Assembly tab, or simply create a generic 'Gusset'

Retainer TOP panel: [also ring boards for base] On outside cleated crates there is nothing to keep the TOP panel from sliding until its secured with fasteners or strapping. The 'Top Retainer' fields are used to add inside cleats on the top panel so when the TOP is laid on the ENDS/SIDES, the inside retainers will hold it in place. 

Not uncommon is to delete the outside TOP panel cleats in favor of the inside retainer cleats. This will reduce the outside dimensions of the crate. 

Ring board for crate base: These fields may also be used to calculate a 'ring' or boards that will sit ON the deck, similar to a pallet collar. The "Vertical Top Retainer" field equal the width or front-to-back inside dimension when applied. The "Horizontal Top Retainer" equal the length or left-to-right dimension and sits inside the 'vertical retainer' boards. This would

!! Retainers are considered an 'obstruction' so the inside dimensions will not be viewed as changed by Crate Pro 6 when adding materials that auto-calculate using the ID, such as padding.  You will need to reduce the padding dimension by the thickness of the retainer material if auto calculating that material.

Joists support for the TOP panel and can be automatically added when creating a new design, or added after the design has been created using the wizard. Most often an inside cleated crate design is required for adding joists.

There are different types of joist assemblies which can be viewed in the More...' tab by clicking on the icon shown below.

Joists may replace the TOP panel support cleats.