Users are added to Crate Pro 6 via the User module.  

  • Open the User module
  • Click on NEW in upper left corner.
  • The 'Unique Account Name' is the login name. All users should have their own login as there is no additional cost per user account. We reccomment to keep this login name short.

Provide a Role:

All Users must be given one or more Roles to access various parts of the program. When you select a Role(s) for a User, this gives them them access to specific Home screens (shown in the Home module) based on those selected Role(s).  

The Home screens for different user Roles were designed to help the person in that role have the information at hand for their particular position. Users can be given as many Roles as needed for their particular role within the company.

In the Privilege's tab - If the user is not an Administrator or Bookkeeper, you can limit the each users ability to access, use and even view information in Crate Pro 6. A user give 'Administrator' privilege has full access. All other users accounts can be limited by checking and unchecking the boxes.


  • The Salesperson Role does not have a home screen.  This is an additional feature that allows users with access to the Projects module to select be able to add a person into the Salesperson field. This feature allows Managers to find and filter different projects  by a salesperson
  • Foreman : The Foreman role includes the Home screen tabs shown on the Sawyer, Assembler, Packer, Inspector and Driver. screens.  A user with the Foreman role doesn't need to select the other roles. 

  • Foreman through Driver home screens (see image above)  do not include the module options on the left side.  Ensure that you select ALL the roles for their position. You can further restrict users in the Privilege's tab


Privileges / Permissions:

In additional to selecting a Role(s) for your users, you can also set privilege's.  If a user is checked as Administrator, you can not restrict that user.  If a user is made a Bookkeeper - all the privileges with a 'B' can not be removed, though you can add additional privileges.

Selecting the Administrator check-box or Bookkeeper as a role will automatically give that user set privileges. Administrator has all privileges but you may still add additional images to the bookkeeper.

To access the Projects or Design module you must check the 'View' checkbox.

The 'Modify Stage" allows that user to change the status of the Project and the designs that are in the Project. If the user is not allowed to change the status but can Add a new project, the status of the Project will remain at 'Working' Changing the status of designs and projects allows you to manage where the items are in the entire crating process and will assist in follow up of incomplete or quoted orders.