System Requirements: 

A note about RDS and Citrix licensing: The number of CAL or computer licenses required is based on the number of specific end user computers that will connect to Crate Pro 6. So if employee John will login to Crate Pro 6 from his laptop at home and his desktop at the main office through the virtual server, two CAL are required. If John goes to another location and logs in from a 3rd computer, a CAL is needed for that computer. The CAL is licensed to the specific end computer and not the user.

When your virtual environment includes multiple virtual servers, the number of CAL purchased must be equal to or greater than the virtual servers that will allow access to your Crate Pro 6 database files. Typically Crate Pro 6 will capture the end-user computer ID and not that of the virtual server. In environments with larger number of virtual servers than a desired CAL purchase, its common to set application specific permissions on specific virtual servers.

File Server Requirements: Your Crate Pro 6 database files will be installed on your file server with FileMaker Server software.

RDS or Citrix Server requirements. Using this link, scroll down the page to the RDS and Citrix server requirements.  FileMaker Pro software will be installed on the virtual server. FileMaker Pro software is not installed on the end-user computers. The license is applied to the specific end-user computer and not the virtual server.

An end-user computer that will connect directly to Crate Pro 6 on the file server, requires a FileMaker Pro installation and a CAL. Review the FileMaker Pro system requirements for the client in this instance also shown on this page.

If you're using an older version of Crate Pro 6 and FileMaker, system requirements can be located in the > Knowledge base section.

Introduction to Remote Desktop Services and Citrix XenApp  These documents explain using FileMaker Pro with Remote Desktop Services or Citrix XenApp and provide environment and deployment recommendations.