When you view Assembly and Packing times in the design, it can be easier to consider each process as a department. 

Packing tab in Designs:


 -Any materials used on, around or after its assumed the content has been added to the crate, will have the costs and labor time associated in the Packing section in the Prices tab. 

  • Wrapping
  • Loose Fill
  • Strapping
  • The designs 'Closure Condition' - if the closure condition is Setup, its assumed that all the time to put the panels together is completed in the Assembly department so that time is calculated into Assembly. If you select any other closure condition, its assumed the time to attach the panels indicated by the closure condition, is done by the Packing department, after the content is added to the crate, so the time to attach those panels is calculated as Packing time.
  • Packing > Other > The materials shown above: (Materials added in this window will not have the Waste Factor added)

For items that have Prep time, this time is added to Assembly time as its assumed the assembly staff is prepping the panel. The Install timfor that item will be added to Packing time. 


Crate Pro is unable to automatically determine the time required to wrap/pack your content. You could have a single content item size 24" x 24" x 24"  

(600mm x 600mm x600mm) that takes 10  minutes to wrap, or you could have 30 individual items requiring wrapping but the combined size is 24" x 24" x 24" (600mm x 600mm x600mm) that takes 1 hour. Same content size but widely different times to prepare the content. 

Most customers add a Service in the Inventory module named Packing. This allows you to add the exact amount of time for packing this order in a Project as well as add any detail for this line item.

Another option is to add the time in the Design > Times tab. Next to the process you want to account for the time you can add a specific amount of time to be applied to each design or to the order total. If you use the crate design for other items, you'll want to remember to remove the added time.