You may want more detail on some configuration topics. This provides more information and links to those articles

The information in this solution article can be used for full explanation or for additional clarity on specific topics. 

4> Customers: You can import your customers from a flat file (csv, tab, xls)  or manually entering each customer. Once imported you have the option of adding additional information and/or pricing rules based on the customers as well as entering notes for new designs.

Importing Customers -- Be sure to read the information in article before opening

Locating Customers

IMPORTANT FOR USER OF RELEASE 1712NN AND 1807NN: Before adjusting your TIMES settings 

>Go to Preferences > Influences > Weight / Dimension / Quantity tabs

> Set all ranges except for Handling to zero

5> Times: Labor costs are determined based on the amount of time estimated for part of the process in your crate design.  There are many factors that go into the costing and quoting and you may need to adjust many of the time calculations to get it accurate for your shop. Here are some things to consider:

  • How long does it take your staff member to complete a part of the process? The more experienced staff members may be faster, how someone feels that day at work could affect the times, the design could be more complex and require explanation and so on ...
  • How far are the materials needed from the stations where the work will be done? If you ply and/or lumber is stored next to the station for cutting then less time. If you have to store at another part of the building, more time.
  • What equipment are you using? Some parts of your crate process can be faster or slower depending on the particular saw or equipment you might use. Consider that automated saw machines calculate cutting materials differently so the times to do the same process will vary, and/or for larger orders you may be able to cut more material at once.
  • What influences affect your labor time? The quantity on the order, the size of the crates and the weight of the crates are the most common that can slightly speed up or slow down different parts of the process.
Crate Pro allows you to make adjustments for these factors so you more closely can estimate accurately the labor time required on a specific order. Remember that in each crate design you can always manually adjust the time. If you're having trouble with getting the time estimates adjusted - create a ticket request to

1) Adjusting your Labor Times (solution article)

2) Understanding Influences and Equipment (video from beta release - screens may be slightly different in your build)

3) Influences in Preferences: (solution article) How they can increase / decrease your labor time

4) Equipment Settings -  Setting your prices based on the use of other equipment and handling options.

5) Fasteners - Setting up fasteners in inventory

6) Fasteners - Understanding and adjusting your Assembly and Packing Time

6> Closure Condition - Fasteners and Applied Time  (solution article)

6> Pricing:

1) Setting Material Markups in Preferences and in Inventory (video)

7> Users: Within Crate Pro there are no restrictions on the number of user log-ins you can set-up. Users can be set with privileges to allow them access to the areas of the program they need and restrict them from not only specific modules, but from seeing things such as pricing or your profit levels.

User module overview