Crate Pro 5 is not an email program but it allows you to send quotes and advertising using your email application. It uses your own email to send from Crate Pro. However, you may have restrcition on your email placed by the ISP or by your corporate structure which we have no control over. Here are the most common issue that can occur.

If you use a cloud based email program you will need to request the SMTP (outgoing email settings) from your ISP. These settings are common and what is used when you have a mail program accessible from your desktop. 

CP5 is unable to provide authentication. Ensure the SMTP does not require authentication. Many ISP's offer SMTP addresses which allow legacy programs to send without authentication.

Confirm that port 25 is not blocked. This is the international standard port for email. If your port 25 is blocked you will need to contact your ISP and request either to have the port unblocked or be given an alternate SMTP that can use port 25. If you're using Crate Pro in a corporate environment, it may be a policy to block that port internally, you may need to contact your IT admin to request and exception for Crate Pro if you want to email directly from the program.

Update: Since 2009 almost all ISP's have implemented restrictions to help control mal-ware and spam that inundates the mail servers, 99% of ISP's now have internal authentication in their settings. Programs that send email that have been developed since then usually have the ability to allow you to indicate if authentication is required and if so, sends that info to the mail server. Additionally some routers and modems also change how mail is handled. For most users, this blocks Crate Pro 5's ability to send mail directly.

Crate Pro 5 was developed in 2001 so that option is not part of its code. For a period of time ISP's would provide an alternate SMTP address that didn't require that extra step but that appears to have been phased out. 

Note: All reports, quotes, cut sheets, etc in Crate Pro 5 can be saved as PDF files and can be attached in an email. Many good PDF printers are free and are available online.