In Designs > Prices : customers can override the calculated selling price to reflect special pricing that will not change if the costs are updated through refreshing the design, or changed due to changes and additions to the design itself. Special pricing, whether higher or lower than the calculated selling price is called Ice Cream Pricing and is noted by an ice cream cone with a cherry on top (This icon was preferred by 65% of customers)

There are several benefits of using ice cream pricing:

  • A customer may be given special pricing on a design for a period of time based on order quantity
  • You want to increase the calculated selling price due to challenges faced with this order; such as transport method, labor issues, difficulty with materials
  • The cost per design will decrease as the quantity of units (crates) increases due to the metrics of time. Consider that your actual saw time decreases per unit because the time to set the saw stop is spread out to the total number of units in that design - entering an Override Price will keep the Selling Price static

Even though you have set an Override on the selling price, you're able to refresh (unlock then relock) the design which will update your costs and you will see a new calculated selling price in the upper section. This allows to you confirm your profit margin is still acceptable based against the override.