While hard shut downs and electrical surges are common reasons that data files become destroyed or corrupted, changes to operating systems, hardware, back-up software and various scanning applications and other virus scanning software, can also cause corruption if you haven't followed the Best Practice guidelines which are designed to help you minimize their impact.

Most backup software creates incremental backup files, the process adds invisible characters to tag the changes in the file which eventually 'push out' the underlying code in the field and cause the file to run in a loop or not open. When CP5 was developed, this scanning process did not exist so the program was not designed to avoid it. 

With Windows systems, other programs and services may be given priority based on your settings and what the system determines gets priority. If processes that CP5 needs for a calculation are delayed this can damage the code required to complete the calculation.

The best solution is to replace the corrupted files with your last good backup file.The entire backup can overwrite the existing files, however, if you have not followed the Best Practice Guide, your backup may also contain a level of corruption. Its suggested to replace the files with a good backup and also run the UTILITIES file. Please review the Best Practice Guide to help avoid further corruption or damage to your files.

For minor corruption you can run the UTILITIES file located in your Crate Pro program folder. 

  • Close Crate Pro and locate the UTILITIES file in your Crate Pro program folder.
  • Run the file at least 2x.
  • Attempt to open Crate Pro normally

If these solutions fail you will need to install a clean copy of Crate Pro 5 using your original ZIP file. Please read the Best Practice Guide before installing so that you are better able to avoid corruption or damage to your files. 

Additional download and activation will require a fee. Please create a ticket with your request. We do not offer phone support for Crate Pro 5. Only the original purchaser or a previously authorized person may request a new file download and/or activation.