You can have more computer licenses (CAL/EAL)  than concurrent connections(DAL) for the database. In this configuration you may want to 'release' the DAL from your host computer so that another user can log into Crate Pro on a client.

In the Client-Server configuration (uses FileMaker Server), the server does not use a DAL, so the only thing you need to do is have one clients close Crate Pro and FileMaker Pro and the DAL is now available for another client.

In the Peer-to-Peer configuration,  the Host computer consumes one DAL. 

For versions 6.4xxx and later: On the Host computer select to Log-Out at the top of the screen (do not click on the red X as it'll close the entire program). The screen shown below will appear. Do not 'Close Crate Pro' or 'Quit FileMaker'. This allows the files to continue to be hosted but releases the DAL (concurrent connection)

For versions 6.2xxx and 6.3xxx: On the Host computer > in Crate Pro 6 go to Preferences > At the top of the window is an option to "make this computer function as a server'. Select it.

To take back the DAL for the host:

Build 6.4xxx - The clients need to be logged out of the database if there isn't a DAL available. If a client is logged in you'll get a pop message box allowing you to send a message to the clients to " log out" Select to LOGIN again once the clients have disconnected

Builds prior to 6.4  - Select to quit Crate Pro and restart the program on the host