Live session are an important part of the support users should take advantage of to ensure they're getting accurate results quickly. Failure to learn and configure your software will result in frustration and add significant time to your design process. Crate Pro is a strong business tool  designed for the custom crating company and requires configuration to set to your pricing, policies, times and more.

Customers with 'Active Maintenance' and customers within their 'Initial Six Month' period will have a coupon code for booking a session.  Your code will ensure you receive the correct discount based on your maintenance status. * Your code should be shared with all staff that has a support portal account. 

Because you are a custom crating company, your training path will be unique. Please refer to this Session Guide to provide a better understanding of live session training and assist the trainer in configuring your installation for your needs. 99% of all companies should have a minimum of the first three session topics completed prior to designing crates, pallets or skids. You may schedule as many sessions as desired to meet your goals of getting started. Whomever is designated to configure your software should be comfortable with your crating business, prices and polices.

For information on fees please review the FEE SCHEDULE  Fees are subject to change

*Support portal accounts are free for all your staff. Staff with 'Primary' or 'Manager' permissions on the portal can send to the full name, email address and permission level of additional staff members who need a portal account. The support portal is NOT your Crate Pro software login which is installed on your own hardware.Permission levels

A message about no-shows on live sessions or calls: 

Please be considerate. We are very busy and work hard to provide as many options for live sessions as possible. Live sessions are private and one of our staff is scheduled to spend that time with you. Failure to show takes away from other customers. 

You will receive a confirmation email, a reminder email 24 hours and 2 hours before your live session. Each email has links to reschedule or cancel your session and you may select to cancel or reschedule up to 90 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. Sessions close if no attendee has joined 10 minutes after the start time and counted as a no-show. 

  • No refunds for paid sessions counted as a no-show
  • If your company has multiple no-shows, for 30 days only a Primary support account member will be able to schedule live sessions or calls
  • If you are a Primary member and have multiple no-shows, all staff will be blocked from booking for 30 days OR you may schedule a live session at full cost.