** OUR CALENDAR HOSTING COMPANY SENT NOTICE THAT MALWARE BOTS MAY BE BOOKING FAKE SESSIONS WHICH REDUCES AVAILABILITY. We have reset our scheduler links. Customers with Active Maintenance and customers within their Initial Six Month period will have a code to enter when booking a session with the link below. Your code will ensure you receive the correct discount based on your maintenance status. If you don't have your code, contact me at Support@CratePro.com

 Live session are an important part of the support users should take advantage of to ensure they're getting accurate results quickly. Failure to learn and configure your software will result in frustration and add significant time to your design process. Crate Pro is a strong business tool  designed for the custom crating company and requires extensive configuration to set to your pricing, policies, times and more. Users are not restricted on the number of sessions booked but person booking session must have a portal account or live session will be cancelled.

Because you are a custom crating company, your training path will be unique. Review this Session Guide to provide a better understanding of live session training. 

USE YOUR CODE: Customers within their initial six months after purchase and customers with active maintenance will have been given a code to discount and/or provide free sessions. Your code should be shared with all staff that has a support portal account.* In Step 2 of the scheduling you will enter your code.

For information on fees please review the FEE SCHEDULE  Fees are subject to change

*Support portal accounts are free for all your staff. Staff with 'Primary' or 'Manager' permissions on the portal can send to support@CratePro.com the full name, email address and permission level of additional staff members who need a portal account. The support portal is NOT your Crate Pro software login which is installed on your own hardware.Permission levels