Live session are an important part of the support users should take advantage of to ensure they're getting accurate results quickly. Failure to learn and configure your software will result in frustration and add significant time to your design process. Crate Pro is a strong business tool  designed for the custom crating company and requires configuration to set to your pricing, policies, times and more.

All live support, including phone support, is scheduled through this Calendar. This ensures that you and we are not wasting time missing each other. We do understand that there may a true emergency - in that case please email and request an emergency appointment. I will go through the day's calendar and squeeze you in. You will receive an email with the exact time of your appointment and will connect via phone and/or the URL for support.

If you have an active maintenance plan you're eligible for free or discounted live sessions and scheduled phone support. You'll need your code to enter when booking.  If you forgot your code, log into your support account and access your Profile page.  Your code can be shared with all staff.

Customers without maintenance may book sessions for a fee. For information on fees please review the FEE SCHEDULE  Fees are subject to change

A message about no-shows on scheduled sessions or calls: 

Please be considerate. Your appointment is for your company. One of our staff will be scheduled to spend that time with you. 

You will receive a confirmation email with your online and conference call information then a reminder email 24 hours ahead and again 2 hours before your live session. Each email has links to reschedule or cancel. You can cancel or reschedule up to 65 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. If you cancel or reset, make sure you get a confirmation email.

Sessions / conference calls will close 10 minutes after the scheduled start time if no one from your company has joined online or called the conference line.  Paid sessions are not refundable. 

Customers with free sessions - if there are two no-shows a payment of $100 will be required to reinstate your online session support.