Crate Pro is a program written using FileMaker database software. Millions of people, from individuals to some of the world’s largest organizations, use the FileMaker Platform to streamline their business processes, manage essential information, and boost overall productivity.  FileMaker Inc is owned by Apple, Inc. and will operate on both the MAC and Windows platforms.

The Crate Pro database runs inside the FileMaker software. This is similar to using a spreadsheet file in Excel©. You can add formulas to an Excel spreadsheet then enter data and the formulas will calculate results. In this regard, your Crate Pro database is similar to a very complex spreadsheet. Your license purchase includes a full version of FileMaker software. Your Crate Pro database files must be installed on the same drive with either FileMaker Pro- Advanced (client software) or FileMaker Server depending on your chosen configuration. Crate Pro 6 and FileMaker is installed on your own hardware. It is not cloud based. 

1> Understanding Configuration Options: (Review this section to decide what configuration best fits your company needs prior to reviewing the license plans)

Peer-to-Peer: If you're planning to access Crate Pro from five or fewer user computers, the Crate Pro database can be hosted and used from one of your licensed computers.  The computer that has the Crate Pro database files is called HOST. The remaining computers are called Clients. All computers will have FileMaker Pro-Advanced installed.

When you host Crate Pro without the purchase of FileMaker Server software, its called a Peer-to-Peer configuration.  A maximum of five computers can run in peer-to-peer.


Client-Server:  If you have more than five clients or are running virtual server, Citrix or RDS,  FileMaker Server is required. This is the Client-Server configuration.  An installation using FileMaker Server is highly recommended for speed, security, remote management for IT, automated backups and auto-restart after reboot.  A minimum of five (5) clients are required effective May 1, 2018 per FileMaker Inc. 

While FileMaker Server installations can be installed using a hosting services such as AWS or other cloud service, we are unable to provide detailed installation support or manage issues that are due to the service.  We will assist you with the standard server installation.  Please consult the installation guides provided on the FileMaker website prior to purchasing your software or consult with your IT person to ensure a successful installation.  Never install any of your FileMaker software on a cloud service such as Dropbox or on a removable drive.  (Full Documentation Links)

Note: Both configurations support LAN, VPN and internet connectivity to your Crate Pro files stored on your Host or Server computer.  When connecting to your Crate Pro database from an external location, a static IP should be used on your local network  or from the local Server to avoid the issue of your external IP address being changed for network traffic management.  FileMaker Pro-Advanced MUST be used to access all databases on the server or your files will be damaged.

2> System Technical Requirements:  Ensure your current hardware and software meets requirements for installation. If you're not the installer please have them review these requirements. 


MAC O/S 11 - Big Sur is currently not supported at this time: It requires FileMaker Advanced 19.  

FileMaker Pro 16 Client Computer Requirements click here 

Currently, all configurations use FileMaker Pro 16.   FileMaker Pro 16 is installed on all computers up to the number of CAL purchased excluding a server if FileMaker Server was purchased

 (July 2020 Update -  Microsoft Win 10 S Mode is new. This operating system only allows you to download and install Microsoft Store applications. You will not be able to install Crate Pro, as well as any application that is not in the Microsoft Store)

>>>> Coming Soon  FileMaker Advanced 18 for client computers

FileMaker Server 18 Requirements click here: If your selected configuration will include server review the system requirements. The current release is FileMaker Server 18. 

Installing on RDS or Citrix Xen App:  

  • FileMaker Pro Advanced is installed on the virtual RDS or Citrix server and FileMaker Server on the file server.  Click Here for detailed system requirements on current release  The required number of client (CAL) licenses required is based on the number of unique end user computers that will connect to Crate Pro through the virtual server.The number of FileMaker Pro installations on virtual servers may not be greater than the number of CAL purchased.

HAVE AN OLDER VERSION IF FILEMAKER? Legacy Versions of FileMaker Software Compatibility


3> Crate Pro License Configurations:

> Licenses are now purchased. Companies have the opportunity to purchase only what they need to maximize their benefit for using Crate Pro while lowering their total costs. 

The perpetual plan offers the option to continue a low cost annual maintenance plan after 1 year. Continued maintenance is highly suggested but is not a requirement for Crate Pro 6 to continue to function if maintenance expires. Maintenance includes many benefits such as free online training and configuration sessions. 

  • Part 1: The CAL, or computer access license, is required for each unique computer that will connect to your Crate Pro database. User accounts are NOT a factor. Each unique device consumes a license.
    • Each CAL includes a FileMaker Pro-Advanced software installation/license which is installed on each end-user computer that will be used to connect to Crate Pro 6.
      • A CAL is not installed on a computer running FileMaker Server
      • In a Citrix, RDS or virtual environment, the number of CAL required is based on the number of unique client end user computers that will connect through the virtual server(s) to Crate Pro 6 even if FileMaker Pro is not installed on the physical client devices. In the case of multiple virtual servers, the number of CAL purchased must equal or be greater than the number of virtual servers.
      • Minimum one CAL required for a stand-alone configuration 

  • Part 2: The  DAL, database access license, manages the concurrent  connections into the database by licensed CAL computers. 
    • You may need fewer DAL than CAL, such as in the case of shift workers sharing a computer, or if a staff member has a desktop and a laptop which will only one at a time will be used to access Crate Pro 6. Companies have the flexibility to decide how many of each they want based on their needs and their budget. 
      • A minimum one required but quantity purchased is based on how many users can log into Crate Pro at the same time. Do not underestimate this number as it can cost you more to have to 'take turns' accessing Crate Pro than the cost of the license.

Client-Server configuration: FileMaker Server - Manages speed and access. Can auto-restart after reboot. Higher security for connections. Remote management of server settings. Automated backups and more. Installs on a server operating system). Recommended for 5+ CAL and is required for 6+ CAL connections. (1 to 4 CAL will run in a Peer-to-Peer configuration)

>DISCONTINUED SUMMER 2018 -  The Annual lease plan has been discontinued in favor of the Perpetual plan. This plan required renewal each year for Crate Pro 6 to continue to function.  License regulation costs increased each year which were passed on to customers. 

!!! All plans are paid in full however, any plan over $2999USD is eligible for monthly payments through eLease Funding (USA only at this time) <Click Here>