This article applies to version 1708xxx and later

The design process should be extremely quick and simple based on the assumption that you have taken the steps to configure your baseline settings. 

While its simple to make modifications to any design after you create it, you can save hours and hours of design time each week by ensuring that your baseline settings are accurate for your company. Most companies can complete a design with changes in under 5 minutes.

Creating a New Design:

1> In the Design module > click on NEW in the upper left corner to select your preferred crate style template

2> Versions 17xxx and later: If you set up your preferred style templates you can select them from the Preferred drop down. The style filter will allow you to filter to styles that meet your specific needs

Versions 6.2 to 6.4: If you set up your preferred style templates you can select them from the Preferred tab. If not you may see all the available crate style templates from the Crates tab or crate styles that meet published standards in the Spec tab.

3> In the new design window, the only field that is required are the Inside Dims / Content Dims values. If you are happy with your baseline information that is pre-selected for the other field values you may select Continue . There are many fields that you can change before you create your design. Changes made here before selecting Continue will affect this design alone. Here are a few commonly changed fields.

    • Description. This will allow you to easily locate the design and if you intend to reuse the design, it'll be identifiable. Crate Pro 6 will fill in a design number if you leave it blank
    • Material Groups - Crate Pro 6 allows you to build the same crate using any one of five unique groupings of lumber and plywood. This field allows you to swap out the materials in favor of another grouping 
    • Assembly /Closure Fasteners - Your defaults appear here. If not what you want to use, change out the fasteners now. The calculated Assembly Time is controlled by your fastener settings.

4> Click on Continue located at the top of the screen

When your design has been created you'll want to click through the screens and confirm your result.  If you're making the same changes continuously and/or you're not sure if it's better to make a change to your company default settings or a change in the design (only affects that design), send a copy of the 'Cut List by Panel' and the 'Managers Report' to and we'll help you determine the best course of action.