Deciding whether to create a new design, create a new design using a template or duplicating an existing design is in part a matter of choice and the particular situation that completes the job fastest while remaining accurate. 

When a design has been created, it should be thought of as an Inventory item. If you need to reuse that exact design there's no need to recreate it.  That would be like entering the same size box of nails to your Inventory module as two different items.

When an existing design is added to a Project the prices, weights and times are updated based on what's current values in your Inventory module. Using an old design will now have updated values.

  • Hint #1: If a design gets changed after its been added to a Project, the Revision number on the Project will highlight yellow. You may still print the old cut list from the Project. To update the cut list with the changes, you must delete the old design on the Project and re-add it.  If you want to keep the old cut list do not delete it from the Project.
  • Hint #2: We recommend to not change a design in the design module once it has been used on a Project. You can see when a design has been updated after its been added to a Project by looking at the Revision value at the end of the design line item.

If you quote from the Design module instead of the Projects module, you can update the prices, weights and times simply by unlocking and re-locking the design.

  • Hint #3: If changes in your Inventory affect any materials on that design since was last locked, the Details tab  will change to red text. Select Details > Materials. Affected line items will show the cost in red.
  • Hint #4: Crate Pro 6.4136 and later offer a Bulk Refresh of your design. Hover over the lock icon in any design for a new menu. You can filter or select all designs you wish to update.

For designs that would be re-used, its most effective if you make the Description field something very unique or identifiable.  You may want to name it for a specific content item, a specific stock number, or for a category/ group of content items.  The description should be easily identifiable to you and your staff. 

When do I want to use a New design, Templates or Duplicates?

Creating a new design should take about 5 minutes based on having your program set with your baseline preferences. So your decision should be made based on your company policy and whats faster: create a new design,  use a template or make a duplicate? Most companies use a combination of all three and select the best option based on the job.

Selecting an existing design is always fastest but if none of your existing designs matches your needs:

Create a New Design When: 

  • You're able to select a Preferred Style Template and a Material Group ( Packing Material Group) that fits most of your needs so fewer changes will be required 
  • None of your existing designs are similar to what you will need for this order 
  • You'll be making unique changes in materials, components and/or interior so will be completely new
  • Be sure to provide a Description that's clear as this new design will now be part of your design inventory

Create a Duplicate When:

  • You want a copy of an existing design with the option to update pricing, weight or times or don't want the existing prices to change.
    • Duplicating a design and making changes will not affect the historical data on the original design.
    • The revision number for the design on a Project will be untouched
  • You have an existing design that you already made changes.
  • You want to keep the original design with changes but make additional changes:
    • If you want to change the Description to more easily allow you and your staff to identify this design for specific use
    • If you want to add or remove a Customer name
    • If  the design has some unique changes you made from your baseline preferences and instead of  starting over by creating a new design you want to start from the changed design and make additional changes such as dimensions, materials or components
  • You want to add the duplicated design to your design inventory

Create a Template When: 

  • You have design that you repeatedly use from a design that you made changes from your baseline settings.
  • You want to have a design that you don't want to risk a user making changes
    • Selecting a template will leave the original in the Template section unaffected. Users can make any changes to the new design without affecting the template
    • Because creating a template gives you a higher level of security from users accidentally changing a design, some companies prefer to make many templates specific for their common content items.
  • Templates will not appear in your design inventory list, keeping your list clean
  • Templates are not added to a Project , only a design created from a template can be added, so changes to a template will not affect Project revision numbers or historical data
  • Templates can be created for general company use or for specific customers.
  • When a template is selected, the pricing, weights and times are automatically updated.
  • Creating a design from a template allows you to make dimension, material and any other changes you want to make while still keeping the modifications you made.
  • If you decide a template isn't preferred, you can either delete the template OR uncheck the template box and it will be moved into your design inventory