Once you set your Fastener spacing (shown is inches or mm)  in PREFERENCES for each crate style family, you'll want restrict changes to the Spacing Factor to the individual fasteners in INVENTORY. Changes in PREFERENCES will affect all fasteners that you made available for that location.

The amount of fasteners calculated for use is based:

  • The Spacing Factor for the individual material multiplied by the Fastener Space value in Preferences 
    • Important: Changing the spacing in Preferences will affect ALL fasteners used in that capacity for that style family
  • How that fastener is being applied: cleat fastener, base fastener, assembly fastener and the value in Preferences for that application
  • The dimension of the material fastener is being applied to.. Example: a fastener row is typically applied for each 2 nominal inches ( 50mm) of lumber as its attached to the panel.