Customers with active maintenance can download CAD images*** of the design style templates via the link in the design. CAD images can then be manipulated, rotated, modified with dimensions or dimensions and other instructions as needed for your individual requirements. 

The images provided are high quality and fully textured on all sides allowing you to rotate / flip and move each individual component and view an accurate representation of the material.

Companies without SketchUP may download a free version here. On the SketchUP website users can purchase a PRO version for additional features and for additional export options such as formats for use in Auto CAD.

Link to SketchUP Desktop Version (Windows Only) 

 Link to SketchUP FREE MAC and Windows browser version

Note: The desktop version is the release we are licensed for. There are more features in the browser version which is regularly updated. You will need to create an online Trimbl SketchUp account which allows you to store your CAD files. There is a storage limitation with the free browser version so if you use SketchUP heavily you may need to download your completed files to clear your storage space or upgrade your account. There are some great features in the paid accounts. Active Maintenance required to download Crate Pro CAD files so make sure you keep a copy of the SKP download in a secure location. 


Important: SketchUP training and support is not provided through Crate Pro support. The SketchUP website offers a full array of training videos and articles and for more intensive or speed  training we are happy to refer you to Superior Crate Design. Superior Crate Design has been a testing company and trainer for Crate Pro versions for over 15 years and specializes in crate design consulting. Superior Crate Design offers intensive SketchUP training  sessions to provide your staff with a comfort level with creating and using CAD images.

Marcel Gauthier

Canada  705 812 2353

Toll Free  888 337 5198

***At this time due to the high volume of downloads and size of files, our online service has discontinued our account. You will not be able to click on the link within Crate Pro to download the file. Simply send an email to with the style template you would like and you'll receive a link to download the CAD file(s)

Save the original CAD file download in a clearly marked folder. Use a copy of this file each time you want to modify it for a particular design and rename the copy for the Design ID. 


When you create a design you have the ability to print and/or download an image from multiple places. Some of the reports include the specific info of that design, others only include the image or image file.

On the OVERVIEW tab you can download an image file with any of the base options. See where the arrow is pointing in this image. There are 3 dots that take you to 3 different image styles: wire frame image, textured image and CAD image.


The SketchUP CAD file is based on the style template and base configuration you are using in that design. It is not to scale nor does it include any extras you might add nor support cleats. You would use SketchUP to modify this image in any way you want as well as add any text or dimensions. Many of our customers can take a SketchUP image and modify it completely in 5-10 minutes.

You have 3 options to save the modified file back into the design: 

  1. You can save the file as an SKP (sketchup file) by clicking on the Attachment tab in the design. You'll see an skp icon, not a thumbnail image of the skp file. To access that file later you would click on it and download it. Then it would be opened using SketchUP. This allows you to continue to make changes.
  2. You can save the file as an image file, such as a JPG file. In SketchUp after modifying the file, select File > Export > 2D Graphic. Select the image format you want. In Crate Pro you can select the Pictures tab in the design. Click in the box and select the file you saved. You WILL see a thumbnail image. The benefit here is that you can select Print > Email (located at the top of the design window) and print out one or all of the images on a single sheet of paper
  3. Using the same File > Export > 2D Graphic you can save the file as a PDF which can be sent to anyone being a universal format. In Crate Pro it would be added in the Attachment tab and you should see a thumbnail image of the PDF. Make sure you have a PDF viewer /printer installed and when you click on the attachment you'll see an option to print the PDF or save it to another location.