Changing the client license is simple in Crate Pro 6. These instruction do NOT apply to changing /transferring the license on  the Host or Server computer (The host/ server is the computer that has the Crate Pro database files hosted for access by the clients)

Open Crate Pro from a computer that is currently used to access Crate Pro. Not the computer being removed from the system.

  • Any user with permission to access the Preferences module will log into Crate Pro and go to Preferences > Licensing > Devices select to delete the old computer from the list by clicking on the red X at the end of the line item for the computer being removed. This opens a spot for a new computer.
  • Install FileMaker Pro on the new computer, click on the HOSTS tab to locate the host or server. The hosted Crate Pro file should appear and can be selected. You may need to enter the IP or name of the server if not automatically found, or you'll need to enter the external IP of the router if your connection is from outside your network.
  • Delete FileMaker Pro from the old computer to avoid a license conflict¬†

These instructions are for changing the computer license, CAL, and are not instructions for releasing a DAL (concurrent connection)