Typically the pallet industry calls out the dimension of pallets by the length (shorter dimension) X width (length of the stringers or blocks which is longer dimension). This is opposite of how crates are called out and has caused much confusion for companies who primarily design crates but may also design pallets. In 2011, Crate Pro changed its policy so customers to enter the dimensions of the pallet just like they are familiar with in crates. This helps ensure that the pallet design is using 'good construction' standards. Users should consider the length of the stringer as the first dimensions (Length) when entering the dimensions in Crate Pro.

In Preferences module > Construction > Pallets you can enter many preferences on how you want Crate Pro to initially design your pallets. These values are your common preference setting and in every individual pallet design can be changed for each design. (If you find you are always making changes when you create a design, you may want to adust your company preference settings or schedule additional training to ensure you have set the best settings based on your needs)