Peer-to-Peer and stand-alone configurations use FiIeMaker Pro or FileMaker Pro Advanced to host your Crate Pro program.  FiIeMaker Pro and FileMaker Pro Advanced are user programs so many of the benefits that are included in FileMaker Server, including automated backups, are not available. As of Crate Pro build 4136 released January 2017, Crate Pro includes some steps to provide a 'reminder' to backup which is set up by User and/or Time the final user logs out.

Server backup solution click here

NO 3rd party or non FileMaker software should be used to create a backup of your working or production files. These backup programs are not designed to manage databases that contain active code calculations in most fields and will damage your data. Backup your Crate Pro files using the steps explained below and then use your backup software to create a backup of those backups.

Setting Up the Backup:

  • Create a folder in the location you want to save your backup files. Clearly label that folder BACKUP Crate Pro or whats preferred to ensure you do not mix up what is your working folder versus your backup folder. If you have this folder on the same computer as your working files, be sure to either use your backup software to backup these files to another location or save a copy on an external drive in case of total failure
  • In Crate Pro  Preferences > Backups > About keeping your databases safe   - make note of the location of your working database files
  • Select the configuration you currently have:
    • Stand-Alone - this is an installation on a single computer and you can select the time that after the user logs out, they'll be given the option to create a backup before the program fully closes
    • Peer-to-Peer -  Allows you to select which user(s) are given the opportunity to create a backup when the database is closed and at what time. 

Creating a backup:

Based on the settings in Preferences > Backup for your configuration:

  • When the last designated user(s) logs out , they'll receive a pop-up window to save their data file.
  • The 'Save In' location should be their backup folder. By default the location will go to the last place Crate Pro was accessed which is the working folder. Be sure to change it to your preferred location
  • The word 'copy' will be added to the file name. We recommend adding the date as well but this is not required.