We will be adding manuals in this format to assist with the configuration and use of Crate Pro 6 for the releases indicated above. Click on the image to view and/or download the PDF file. These manuals will be updated based on feedback. Check back often for new manuals!

Allow the document to fully load. Once done you'll have a menu bar at the top or bottom of the window to navigate and the option to resize the onscreen view should your O/S zoom or minimize the view.

FAST Steps for Configuration are the main sections to get started. This shorter manual is designed to help you configure the minimum required sections to get you up to speed and designing accurately very quickly. You will want to use the manual to more accurately configure your installation. 

This Fast Configuration is for Crate Pro 6 release 4138, 1712xx to current for Crate Pro 6

Hint: Customers have suggested that starting with Section 3: Inventory Configuration, allows you to better understand the set-up process. The using section 2: Selecting Preferred Style Templates between Section 5 and Section 6. 

Crate Pro 6 Manual - release 190222c  (updated Feb 22, 2019): Download this document for a full overview of Crate Pro 6. This manual will be updated with new features. Check for the most current release here.