Customers with maintenance can request a download of the CAD files for the style template(s) they are using for their designs.  

The CAD image files provided are high quality and fully textured on all sides allowing you to rotate / flip and move individual components and panels and view them from any angle. CAD images can then be printed,  saved to your computer or saved into the design in Crate Pro 6. 

SketchUP was selected over other CAD programs because it is the most used CAD software by our customers. It's easy to learn without special training, no engineering degree required, and it offers an option to upgrade to a Pro account to export the files into other programs such as AutoCAD for companies that use other CAD software. 

Companies that do not have the SketchUP program can take advantage of a free download of SketchUP 8 by going to this solution article: Click Here (login required)

 SketchUP is not our software and we do not offer training and we may not be able to answer questions regarding it. We created some short basic videos to show how easy it us to use. SketchUP offers LOTS of videos on their own site as well as on YouTube if you want to become really proficient.

SketchUP Training  SketchUP website - I suggest doing the lessons for SketchUP Fundamentals

SketchUP Training VIdeos YouTube  Just enter SketchUp in the search bar and there are thousands of videos for beginners to advanced users

Here are a few videos we created specifically to show how some of our users use SketchUP with their crate designs. Print out the sheet attached as a reminder on uses of the most common tools:

When working in SketchUP there are multiple options to save your model:

  • FILE > EXPORT > 2D GRAPHIC: Allows you to save the current image as a png or jpg which can added to Design > Pictures tab.  In Design > Print/Email you can click on a single image or select all to print on a page with detail on that design.
  • FILE > SAVE A COPY AS:  Saves a copy of the file you’re currently working on and allows you to rename the saved copy > But does not change the name of the open file you’re using.
  • FILE > SAVE AS:  :  Saves a copy of the file you’re currently working on and allows you to rename the saved copy > Changes the name of the open file you’re using.