In the Design module > Details > Materials, there is a 'Unit Quantity value for each of the materials used in the design. The 'Unit Quantity' uses the unit of measure in the Tracking Level that the user set for that material in the Inventory module.

Crate Pro does not take into account individual shops cutting practices or yield management policies, which vary greatly across the industry, so the 'Unit Quantity' value looks at the 'Plus Waste' total (which is the Level A unit of measure fo that material) and the Tracking Level and determines the 'Unit Quantity'.

The 'Unit Quantity; should never be used as a 'shopping list' for a design. If your Waste Factor is accurate for the material, users will find that over a period of time (30 to 90 days is common), the total 'Unit Quantity' tends to be accurate. This allows companies to evaluate their usage of particular materials and order them appropriately.


All sheet materials: Ply, Corrugated, Foam, etc..

The 'Unit Quantity' value is based only on the square footage values in the 'Plus Waste' field.

 Taking the 'Plus Waste' (Ft2) value you divide it by the number of square feet per sheet. In the example, there are 32 Sf2 per sheet. This value is rounded on the screen to calculate the total 'Unit Quantity' minimum. 

> The actual "Unit Quantity' that you will need can't be determined for several reasons 
  • Different automated saws and different shops will cut the material differently which will give you a different actual usage
  • Based on the dimensions of the crate, you will have a higher or lower waste, which will affect the required number of sheets
  • Based on the number of crates, you will have different cut options, normally to try to get a better yield so your sawyer will make the best determination

For materials that are calculated 'By Sheet' or 'By Roll', you will find the same issue.