Crate Pro is a program written using FileMaker database software. Millions of people, from individuals to some of the world’s largest organizations, use the FileMaker Platform to streamline their business processes, manage essential information, and boost overall productivity. Crate Pro 6 running on the FileMaker platform gives custom crating companies the flexibility to inexpensively design, cost and quote their crate jobs in seconds.

Understanding FileMaker Pro and your Crate Pro Database:

The Crate Pro database runs inside the FileMaker Pro program. This is similar to using a spreadsheet file in Excel©. You can add formulas to an Excel spreadsheet then enter data and the formulas will calculate results. In this regard, your Crate Pro database is similar to a very complex spreadsheet.

You will install FileMaker Pro on your computer(s) up to the number of CAL licenses purchased. The Crate Pro database files will be saved on only one computer. The Crate Pro database files must be installed on a computer that has either FileMaker Pro installed or FileMaker Server, if purchased.,

Section A:  What license configuration did you purchase? 

  • Stand Alone – Crate Pro is installed and accessed from a single computer. You have a single CAL and DAL license purchased. 
  • Peer-to-Peer - The Crate Pro database resides on one computer which will be called the ‘Host'. The Crate Pro files will be installed with FileMaker Pro. and use one CAL. FileMaker Pro only is installed on all other computers up to the number of CAL licenses purchased and will connect to the Host via your LAN, a WAN, or VPN. Crate Pro is NOT installed on a computer running server software, RDS, or Citrix environment in this configuration.
  • Client-Server - The Crate Pro database runs on a server using FileMaker Server software and is shared with multiple computers. This configuration has a number of benefits such as greater file security, faster processing time, the ability to host multiple databases should you want to manage multiple locations from a single server, automated backups, auto restart after a reboot, and remote control for administrators.  FileMaker Server is required for RDS and Citrix installations as well as if you have 5+ clients.


Section B:  Technical Requirements: FileMaker software is installed on all computers that will access or host Crate Pro.  


FileMaker Pro 16 for client computers  (All configurations)

FileMaker Server 18

We are working toward upgrading the clients to FileMaker Advanced 18. It will be required for the next Crate Pro release but current and older releases of Crate Pro 6 will not run on FM Advanced software and must continue to use FM Pro versions. Please preview the technical requirements for the client software.

FileMaker Advanced 18

Section C: New Installation Documentation:  Use this section if this is a new installation of FileMaker and Crate Pro. 

Client-Server installations: FileMaker Server 18 with FileMaker Pro 16

Peer-to-Peer and Stand-Alone Crate Pro build  171215 or 180730 using FileMaker Pro 16

Section D: Updating Crate Pro    or   FileMaker software

Updating Crate Pro 6  is for migrating data from an earlier release.  Crate Pro and FileMaker updates are usually not released at the same time. As a user benefit your FileMaker is not "locked" to Crate Pro. An activated support portal account required to access these documents.

!! We maintain only two Crate Pro 6 releases. Please be sure to update your software when made available so that you do not get behind and lose the option to migrate data.


Customers needing to install FileMaker Server 16 may use this installation guide:

Client-Server Installation Document  Crate Pro build 171215 or 180730 using FileMaker Server 16 and FileMaker Pro 16