Please print out the PDF Guide with this article to show you the fields in the order that Crate Pro 6 imports into the Customer database. 

  • Your customer list should be in a CSV or Excel file format. 
  • Your  columns need to be in the same order as listed in the attached PDF with added columns so the your file matches the sample file shown (field matching not available). The PDF shows the information as a list but these are COLUMN headers)
  • Add any data that your import sheet does not contain that is required. 

*** IMPORTANT: In the instruction PDF it indicates that you may leave the CLIENT ID field blank or enter your own ID series. Do NOT leave this field blank prior to import!

1> You must enter an unique ID number for each customer you are importing. Ensure that you are entering unique numbers and not repeating them either in the spreadsheet or by repeating what is in use in Preferences -> Misc -> Numbering in your Crate Pro 6 database . Ensure your unique Client ID will not be duplicated by Crate Pro's automatic numbering sequence. Increase the Customer ID numbering to be greater than your greatest imported Customer ID number. 

 2> MIGRATION - After migrating you will MUST reset the Customer ID field in Preferences -> Misc- Numbering to a number higher than your current highest Customer ID number. Otherwise you may end up over writing an existing Customer