The attached Excel import template includes two sample customers to show sample data goes in each field plus additional information. A PDF is included to explain each columns information, which columns require data and more.

  • You may copy/paste your data into the provided template. Do NOT delete or add columns. Do not combine data that is shown in two columns into one.  You can change the order of the columns only if you're very familiar with field mapping. 
  • The columns highlighted in YELLOW require data entry and can NOT be left blank. The other columns only need to have data entered if desired for your import. 
  • The import can be in a CSV or Excel file format. 

REQUIRED FIELDS:    After you've copy/pasted your data into the import spreadsheet, complete the import by entering required data prior to import

1> Column A: Facility ID  - Go to Preferences > Company and locate your Facility ID. Enter this into the import spreadsheet and repeat  it to the last record you'll import

2> Column C:Unique ID -

  •  Go to Preferences -> Misc -> Numbering in Crate Pro 6 .  In the 'Next Customer Starting Number'  select a starting number higher than shown in that field and enter it into your spreadsheet. Increase each customer record sequentially. Do not duplicate any number.
  • Go to Preferences -> Misc -> Numbering in Crate Pro 6 .  In the 'Next Customer Starting Number'  enter a number higher than the last customer number in your spreadsheet. Duplicating any number will cause a customer to be over-written.

3> Column D: Customer - This is the company name of your customer. Enter it as you would want it to appear on Cut Lists, Quotes, Invoices, Work Orders and other reports.

4> Column Q : Active - Enter a '1' in this field for all active customers so they're available to select in designs and projects. If the customer is not active you can leave this field blank.


  • Delete the sample rows prior to import. Rows 2-7 contain sample data and information. You may also chose to delete the column title row if desired (row 1)

  • In Customer module select Import/ Export at top of window
  • Select either ALL or THIS ONE to proceed to import screen
  • Select 'Import' to proceed to the Interim Import Table
  • Select 'Customers' to proceed to the customer import
  • Select 'Get Interim Records' and select your prepared spreadsheet. (If your spreadsheets has multiple tabs you will select the tab your data is on)
  • The Source and Target fields will line up if you did not modify the column order in  the template. Change the field order if you modified the template. Check the box to 'Don't import first record' if you did not delete the row with the column titles.
  • Say OK then Import. Scroll through this table  to confirm data is correct then select 'Import Records'. If any fields are red or yellow or have ?, correct that data. When all fields are correct, select 'Import These Records'
  • When the import is complete you should 'Clear Interim Records'. This clears the table data so if you import more customers or the Locations table , you will not import existing data.


1> You must enter an unique ID number for each customer you are importing. Ensure that you are entering unique numbers and not repeating them. Go to Preferences -> Misc -> Numbering in your Crate Pro 6 database to ensure your unique Client ID will not be duplicated by Crate Pro's automatic numbering sequence. Increase the Customer ID numbering to be greater than your greatest imported Customer ID number. (This will no longer be a requirement in a future build and you will be able to allow Crate Pro 6 to generate the Client ID)


2> After IMPORTING  you will MUST reset the Customer ID field in Preferences -> Misc- Numbering to a number higher than your current highest Customer ID number. Otherwise you will duplicate your Customer ID numbers and overwrite customers.