You must set your purchasing unit of measure or Tracking Level before you use an item in a design or project. Failure to do so will cause cost errors on those designs that have the items on them.

In the fastener tab you can change the default Tracking Level for each fastener you use. The Tracking Level that you select is the unit of measure that item is purchased in.  Setting your purchasing 'unit of measure' makes it easier and faster to enter and change your costs as needed. If your preferred Tracking Level is not what is in Level A, you'll select any of the other Tracking Level lines for your purchasing level.

Tracking Level 'A', which is set to 'each' for fasteners,  is used by Crate Pro for internal calculations so the 'Unit of Measure' field with the EACH value should not be changed.  However, if your Tracking Level is set to any option other than EACH, you will tell Crate Pro 6 how many of EACH are included in your selected Tracking level using the formula shown below.

The selected Tracking Level should have the EACH PER UM field  set to '1'. The Unit of Measure can be anything: Box, carton, pallet, etc..

Setting Your Purchasing Level / Tracking Level

For some companies, certain fasteners are purchased by EACH but its more likely you purchase the item by the BOX or CARTON or another unit of measure.

In any of the other Levels enter the Unit of Measure  based on how you purchase this item. Our example will be BOX. Change the Tracking Level  checkbox at the end of the line to your preferred Tracking Level. Change the Cost and Weight values to reflect the selected Tracking Level. In the example your cost is per box and weight is per box.

Since Crate Pro uses the Level A Unit of Measure you now need to tell the program how many of the Level A equal your preferred Tracking Level. In this case, how many Cam Locks are in a Box. Your Level A unit of measure will be less that your Tracking Level so you need to enter a fraction. When you enter the fraction you're able to move your cursor over the field and get the quantity being calculated.

Crate Pro can calculate the correct value for you in the Level A 'Per UM' field. The formula is 1 ÷ (the total quantity of each item included in your tracking level unit of measure) = the correct fractional value.

If I have 250 nails in each box I buy the formula is 1/250 = .004  (Crate Pro will enter this automatically when you do the formula in the Per UM field.

Here are some examples of some values you might enter in the Level A UM field. To get

  • .01 = 100 per box
  •  .001 = 1000 per box
  • .04 = 25 per box
  • .004 = 250 per box