Cubic feet is measured by multiplying the height X width X depth of the outside dimensions of the box, and dividing that total by the number of cubic inches in a cubic foot (a cubic foot is 12 X 12 X 12= 1728).

Inside dims, outside dims, Cube and Capacity can be found in Wts & Dims tab of design.

Example Cubic Foot:

  • Crate inside dims are 40 x30 x 20  ( example if using 1/2 ply and 2x4 outside cleats plus a 4x4 skid )
  • Crate ouside dims are 44 x 34 x 27.75 = 41,514' 
  • 41,514 / 1728 = 24.0243' (which will be rounded in Crate Pro)


$ Per Cubic Foot: Located in the design on the Prices tab. The expectation is that your pricing and other settings have been adjusted for your company so we'll assume the selling price shown on the Prices tab is correct. Using the above example

  • Based on my pricing settings my crate is $125 each.
  • $125 / 24 = $5.21 per cubic foot

 You're able to verify this using the same formula for any crate you build.

While some companies do quote by cubic foot, you need to be careful. The more out of cube a crate is, the more you could be under charging for your crate. Quoting by cubic foot has become less and less common in the industry for custom crating companies.


  • Crate 1 OD is 40x40x40 which is 37 Cubic Ft
  • Crate 2 OD is 100x20x20 which is 23 Cubic Feet. 

Using the formula to calculate Cube, in this example you will charge much more for the smaller and probably easier to build since its dimensions will be repeated on all sides. The larger crate with more cuts, splices and labor time will be quoted at a much lower cost if you're using cube tables.


Calculating Capacity: The same formula above is used except you use the Inside Dimensions of the crate instead of Outside dimensions.

It should be kept in mind that this is the inside capacity calculation of the crate rather than the actual crate volume. depending on the content dimension you may need a higher capacity crate for your customers content.

Why quote by cubic foot?

Some companies may chose to charge by Cube or Capacity because its simple math to calculate the cubic capacity of a crate with the outside dimensions and looking at your price sheet.  However, as you could see in the example above this could be highly inaccurate. But determining the actual usage of every material used, adding a % extra to account for waste and them multiplying that by your costs is very accurate but also time consuming. If there is a change to any material that affect the adjoining materials, then you have to start over for accuracy. Crate Pro does all this for you and it only takes seconds. Crate Pro uses your settings and costs plus an algorithm to determine your actual costs and selling price. (Actual material usage + waste * markup) + (calculated labor time * markup) + additional preferences you may have entered for your company such as Administration time, addition of ISPM stamping and many more options. If you still want to quote by cube that information is also supplied on the Prices tab. Best of everything!