Effective 2011: Crate Pro 5 is no longer available for purchase, phone support or live training sessions. Please use the member support portal documentation and ticket system.


Per the license agreement - a maximum of 3 new activations are available to customers within the first 5 years after purchase.

Crate Pro 5 can be installed as a new installation on the original activated computer if the files have become corrupted or damaged. These options are available for the original computer and will not work on a new computer. You must have a copy of your original activated CPSetup file.

As part of the installation and activation process users are instructed to keep a copy of the original ZIP file or installation CD (when purchased), and a copy of the activated CPSetup file. These are your program and your license key. 

  • Using your original ZIP file,  install a clean installation
  • Close Crate Pro and replace the activated CPSetup.cp5 file



Disclaimer: The Best Practice Guide is provided with the original installation documents. The purpose is to help reduce the risk of corruption in your Crate Pro program files, which can occur over time due to virus scanning software, backup software, updates to operating systems and other processes that pull resources from Crate Pro while it may be running a calculation. Crate Pro can overcome many small corruption causing issues but over time they can become insurmountable and you may find the program will not be able to complete a process or even open. Running Crate Pro 5 on any operating systems other than recommended will usually cause data corruption. Performing a data migration is at your own risk.

After installing a clean installation - make a full backup of your Crate Pro program folder and save to a location you can access should you find your files were corrupted.

>> Crate Pro MUST be closed before backups or replacing any data files

>> Never allow a backup program to touch your Crate Pro files. These programs often add hidden characters to your Crate Pro program which will eventually corrupt your data files. Backups should be done by copying the entire program folder and pasting to a secure location.

>> Never try to create a 'Share' to any Crate Pro file.

>> To create a backup: Simply right click on the program folder> Select COPY> Go to a new location to save the folder> Right click in the new location and select PASTE

 Depending on your configuration and operating system the default directories for Crate Pro are:

C://Program Files (x86)/Deploy Tech/Crate Pro

C://Deploy Tech/Crate Pro

C://Program Files (x86)/Filemaker/Filemaker Server/Crate Pro

Crate Pro does not need to be installed in the default directories so the installer may have chosen a different location

The following file contain the majority of your data and do not contain computer specific restrictions. No other files can be copy/pasted into a new installation. Replace each file one at a time, open Crate Pro 5 and test! Create several designs and check them. These three files should be copied into your new installation first.

  • CPInventory
  • CPJobs
  • CPContacts

  • CPDesigns & CPItems: (Most likely if there are problems they will occur in these files because they're the most often modified. If you receive errors either delete these files and replace them with a different back-up or use the clean copies that were created in the new install. Before changing any other files, create at least 5 designs and check them for accuracy. One indication your design file has corruption is the design process will take longer than the normal 30-60 seconds. Look at the list of crate designs and click through them to confirm the designs are not showing unexpected light indicators on the panel tabs. Lights are an indication there is a miss match of material sizes. This occurs most often because of hidden characters that your new installation is trying to read. Enough hidden characters bump data sets into the wrong fields. You will have problems if you continue to use this file.)


Changing Client Machines in the Peer-to-Peer and Client-Server Configurations:

Changing client computers should not require contacting us for support. Activations are not required on Client PC's.

  • Install Filemaker Pro 6 using your original license keys for Filemaker Pro on the new Client computers. This is NOT your Crate Pro activation code which will not be needed.
  • Start Crate Pro from the Host computer or any Client computer that will not be changed.
    • With Client-Server configuration you have the option of stopping Filemaker Server services on the server and starting Filemaker Pro to open Crate Pro on the server.
      • Very important that you stop and close Filemaker Pro on the server before restarting the Filemaker Server services when you are finished. Otherwise you risk corruption.
    • Click on the Setup module -> Maintenance -> Clients tab
      • The first ID number in the list is the Host computer or the Server ID. Do NOT remove this number.
      • All additional numbers are Client computers. You may delete any client ID that will no longer be active. This will free up a spot or spots for the new client/s.
        • If you did not write down the Client ID numbers when you initially installed the Client computers and are unsure which numbers to remove, delete all ID numbers except the first ID number.
      • Once you have removed the desired Client ID’s
        • Install Crate Pro Client.exe from your original installation download or discs on the new Client computers
        • Start Filemaker Pro on the new Client then use  File – Open Remote
        • Locate the server or host computer and click on Crate Pro.fp5


Crate Pro 5 is a database with almost every field a calculation field. This can make the program susceptible to corruption if you do not follow some common sense practices. Please download and review the document Best Practice Guide For Installation to help ensure you have trouble free use of your program.