The lower assembly and base construction determine the Length and WIdth call-out. Light-duty bases and lower assembly components run the opposite of Medium-duty and Heavy-duty dimensions. 

Pallets dimensions the Length is typically the direction of the stringers and in the pallet industry the dimensions are called out as WIdth x Length. However, to avoid confusion as Crate Pro 6 was developed for custom crating users,  in Crate Pro 6 the first dimension is alway Length not matter if its for a crate or pallet.

When entering dimensions it is Length x WIdth x Height *

* The industry standard of Length x Width is based on the construction methodology of the crate itself. For greatest crate strength the expectation is Length is called out first and is generally equal to or greater than the Width dimension. However, more experience craters may swap these dimensions if the order requires it.

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